Direct communication via chats

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A chat can be used as a means of communication with your students or between students.

We recommend two varieties, depending on your teaching scenario:

Rocket chat


  • Up to date messenger for group communication comparable to WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram etc.
  • Large range of functions, media delivery, can be used via browser or apps
  • Registration required
  • Group channels for the whole seminar group
  • Private channels for individual groups
  • Direct chats between users
  • Sharing media

Registration and instructions on the Rocketchatsite

Screenshot Rocketchat



  • ILIAS integrated simple text chat for fast direct communication
  • Reduced functional range but directly integrated in ILIAS
  • One chat for the whole course or the whole group
  • Séparées usable for peer-to-peer exchange
  • No media sharing

Instruction for use and creation on the ILIAS Chat page

Screenshot ILIAS Chat

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